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Staying COVID-19 Secure Studio GUIDELINES 

The effects of the Covid-19 pandemic have touched every one of us. It has been challenging in so many different ways, and each and everyone of us has felt the impact in one way or another and the impact has been vast and very long reaching.

As we re-enter our studio, it is vital that we all take part in our collective responsibility and moral duty to protect the safety of others around us.  As we are now able to begin to reopen our classes and lessons there are a few safety procedures that we need to follow: 


-Please do not come into the studio if you or a member of your household has any of the following symptoms: a fever, a new continuous cough or a loss of, or change in, your normal sense of taste or smell (anosmia).

-Please use hand sanitiser before and after your lesson 

-All surfaces and equipment will be cleaned before classes start and again during the afternoon

-Please arrive/leave in your dance uniform to minimise changing

-There will be no areas for parents to wait so we ask you to drop and go, or sit in your cars please

-We will be ensuring that we follow social distancing at all times during the classes and are keeping class numbers at a safe level. 

-Turn up to your lesson on time. We ask that children turn up to their lesson no more than 5 minutes early to keep the number of people waiting to a minimum

-Lessons will be 55mins (sorry no 30min lessons). This is to ensure there is no cross over between pupils , and cleaning can take place. 

-Temperature checks will be taken on arrival  

-Try to limit your belongings to one bag and a drink

-We must keep records of contact details for all people entering the building on their behalf in line with Government Track & Trace guidelines

-Guidelines will be continuously reviewed and could change at any time.


We are looking forward to classes starting back again this week. 

For both the Wednesday and Saturday classes, can you please observe the following COVID-19 social distancing rules. 

1- Queue up outside the hall with social distancing in mind. 

2- Those eligible are required to wear a face covering on entry and exit of the hall. 

3- It is pick up and drop off only. If you need to pay or speak to someone there will be an area/table set aside for you to do so. Please make your way there once your child has been dropped off. 

4- Temperature checks will take place on entry. 

5- Hand sanitiser to be given on entry. 

6- Markers will be set out in the hall. Each child will be allocated a marker where they can place bags, drinks etc and wait for the class to commence. 

8- Social distancing and appropriate measures will be practiced during the class.

9- When the class is finished please queue up outside with social distancing in mind. Your child will then be allowed out when you are next in line and this will be via the fire exit. 


-Please enter trough the front door and exit through the side door

-There are arrows and markings on the floor in reception to aid social distancing, and have created two waiting areas where shoes can be changed before you being invited on to the studio floor by your teacher when the lesson is due to start.


-Please enter trough the front door and exit will be through the fire exit, where you can collect. 

-Only one person may use the toilets at any one time 


-Please enter through the main entrance and exit through the fire exit. 


-Lessons must be prepaid at time of booking. If this is not possible payments by cash given for the correct amount in an envelope. 

-Alternatively we can set you up with “payment on account” many already do this and this works very well. 


-There will be a 25% charge for lessons cancelled within one week of the appointed and 100% charge for lessons cancelled within 48hrs. No exception will apply 

-In the event of another lockdown classes and lessons will take place on-line via zoom. No refunds, exchange or credits will apply. 


-The government has updated its guidelines on the use of face covering in public spaces from the 8th August in England.

-Masks are not compulsory for exercising. Dance has a strong element of physical activity and so we are exempt. You can still wear a mask and we will respect your wishes if you would like to wear a mask or insist we as teachers wear one too which will be in the form of a shield.

-Community centres do require face masks so we will be required to masks on entry and exit. 

We confirm we have complied with the government’s guidance on managing the risk of COVID-19


You understand the guidance and agree to follow the instructions as part of your understanding.  









-There will be a 25% charge for lessons cancelled within one week of the appointed and 100% charge for lessons cancelled within 48hrs. No exception will apply 


Please give us as much notice as possible if you need to cancel or change your lesson. 

Please note we require 24hrs notice for cancellation to avoid charges.

Lessons canceled with less than 24hrs notice will be suject to 50% charge of the lesson price.
Sorry but no exceptions will apply. 

Once the course has started, it is non-refundable;
Courses can be rescheduled to following courses within 7 days before the course start date;
Missed classes cannot be transferred to another course;
If for any reason any classes can't take place, an additional class will take place.

FuturePay Payments via Worldpay

FuturePay Payments via Worldpay is a Recurring Payment online agreement and arranged online, similar to Standing Orders and Direct Debits, but funds can be debited from your debit or credit card.

Recurring Payment (FuturePay) agreements may be set up to obtain payment on a repeat or regular basis for ongoing subscriptions and memberships, or payment by instalment for the products/services the online store sells.

How often will FuturePay payments be made?

There will be an initial payment to cover the current term/course followed by monthly instalments.

Making Payments

Once your agreement has been set up, payments will automatically be collected according to the type of agreement. The agreement may be set up to take an immediate or delayed payment.

Each time a payment is debited from your card or bank account as part of your agreement, a transaction confirmation email is generated by our system and sent to the email address we have on record for you.

If your card expires or if a payment is not authorised, we will send an email to you to inform you of the steps you need to take to resolve the issue.

Agreement Type

We offer a simple, regular Recurring Payment (FuturePay) agreement, used to pay a set amount at a regular, fixed interval over a specific time. This is typically used for annual membership subscriptions, dance classes and courses.

Cancelling your FuturePay payments

We require a minimum of 14 days written notice to cancel the agreement. Please email info@elitedanceessex.co.uk


Terms/courses/classes cannot be refunded, unless the notice is served 14 days prior to the commencement of the course/class/term.

Any payments made via WorldPay FuturePay, Refunds are given at the Director's discretion.

How does FuturePay work?

Once you have confirmed you wish to move to future pay you will receive an invitation email from WorldPay on our behalf. The email will set out in writing the recurring payment terms. After you have checked that everything is correct, you will need to click on the link in the email to create a recurring payment agreement. This is where you will be taken to a secure area of WorldPay's website to enter your card details, which will be securely recorded.

Duration of FuturePay

The recurring payment agreement will continue until either you or we choose to end it.

Further Information

For further information, please visit http://www.worldpay.com/shopper/

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