Why Choose Elite Dance Classes?

Our passion is for teaching Ballroom, Latin American, Freestlye, Disco and Sequence dance with professionalism, warmth and precision, and we're gaining quite the reputation as the principal dance school in Chelmsford for social and aspiring competition dancers.

Elite offers dance classes for kids, dance classes for adults and one-to-one lessons for all abilities. Everyone is welcome to join in.  

All our services are social distancing friendly, our teachers follow good etiquet and use PPE in order to help you feel safe and stay protected in-line with government guidelines.

If you are looking fro online dance classes then we have your back. Elite dance now offers options for online tuition.

Ready to join or need more detials Contact us today.

What We Teach

Kids Dance Classes

Kids Dance Classes

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Looking for Dance Classes Near Me?

Are you looking for a dance school near you in Chelmsford or Essex... yes? Then Elite Dance is for you!

Wether it's kids dance classes near me or adults dance classes near me, we offer a large variety for all levels and ages, from beginner to improver and all the way to higher level competitor lessons of many dance styles.

With our team of highly qualified teachers who all have many years of experience we are confident you won't be dissapointed. 

Come along and join the Elite Dance community, we promise you wont look back.

Dance Classes based in Chelmsford Essex and Surrounding Areas

At Elite we offer dance classes across Chelmsford and Essex from different dance studios. Our current locations are,

Children's Dance Classes

Wednesday's - Great Baddow Parish Hall, 19 Maldon Rd, Great Baddow, Chelmsford, CM2 7DW

Saturday's - Hylands School, Chelmsford Rd, Writtle, Chelmsford CM1 3ET

Adult Dance Classes and Private One-to-One Lessons

Mon - Saturday - Chlemdford Dance Centre, 3 the Old Caoch Works, 38 Church St, Great Baddow, Chelmford CM2 7HY

Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays - Great Baddow Parish Hall, 19 Maldon Rd, Great Baddow, Chelmsford, CM2 7DW 



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Dance Styles We Offer

We currently offer a range of different stlyes for you to choose from including,
Modern Ballroom
Latin American
Rock and Roll
Sequence Variations
Wedding Dance

As we are always looking to expand to alternative diciplines so keep an eye out for new events and classes. Unfortunaetly we currently don't offer Hip Hop dance classes and Toddler dance classes. 

Dance Classes Online 

Our virual dance classes have been a success!

With gudielines over the last year or so almost crushing the dance industry, many shcools have taken to online dance lessons and Elite followed suit and had great success. Aty first the idea of being taught or even teaching oin a zoom call was unusal and iun some cases scary, however after a short time it was clear that online lessons were a more than viable option for learning. Now there are hundreds of dance schools teaching virtually from homes and dance studios with great success. An alternative approach to dance that offers many positives has been found!

If you would like to get invloved with Elite dance but struggle to get to one of our studios then online kids and adults lessons could be a great alternative. Learning from your home could never be easier, its possible to improve steps, technique and understanding of most dance aspects. 
All of our teachers are experienced teaching via zoom calls so we know you will love it. 
Contact us today for more info!


Just like other sports and fitness, dancing offers many great benefits to health and wellbeing. There are many studies that support the benefits of dance, recent studies show that fitness aspects such as wieth loss, flexibilty and stamina can be improved reletively easily, there is also a great social aspect to dance where many likeminded frienldy people meet to improve their skills whilst interacting with others, and not to forget mental health, even being with your teacher who will help you by communicating and sharring ideas with you will giuve you a confidence boost. This are just some of the positives of what we do here at Elite and we would love to share them with you! 

ISTD Exams

Just like musical theatre, Elite Dance offer exams and follow the prestigeuos the ISTD associaton. Exams follow healthy structure which encourages growth as a dancer. We beleove that eaxmas are a great way to progress your dancing and encourage everyone to give it a go. The idea of exams can be very daunting, however you will be pleasantly surprised to know that even though they are hard work, they are very relaxed and sometimes even enjoyable! 
An exam usually lasts around 10 minutes, a pupil and either thier teacher or partner dance in a private dance studio. Pupils are scored on their technical ability in the chosen discipline and are available for all levels, ragning from beginner through to highly experienced. Results are usually returned to your teacher upto 3 weeks after the day. 
 Want to know more about our exams, more info at here!


Besides all the best classes we offer, Elite also reguarly attends competitons for both solo dancers and couples. Compeitions are where you go if you really want to piut your ability ot the test, who knows you may even win if you are determined. However its not all overely serious, besides the competitive aspects we at Elite love, they are also great places to see some of the best dancing there is out there, meet up with fellow dancers and friends and generally have a great time. Even if you are new to dance or a seasoned pro there are catorgories for all ages and abilities.
We attend dance compeitions as reguarly as twice each month and like to encourage eveyone to come and give it a go. It is also possible to come along and spectate at the events so family members and friends are also welcome!


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