Where are the children's classes held?
Our children's classes are held at Cathedral Primary School

Where are the adult classes held?
Our adult classes are held at Great Baddow Parish Hall

Do I need a dance partner?
No, you can join in a class or take a one- to- one lesson by yourself

How long is a lesson?
A lesson is usually 1 hour but we've taught longer and shorter lessons depending on the needs of the students. The children's classes are 1.5 hours.

What do I wear to dance?
We recommend something comfortable and easy to move in, flat shoes are preferable for beginners and correct dance shoes for anyone wanting to wear heels. No jeans. As you advance, you may wish to invest in Latin & Ballroom dance shoes and practice wear. We can advise you on this when the time comes.

Are private lessons only for advanced dancers?
No, anyone can take a private lesson. Private lessons are a great way to catch up on any sessions you may have missed or if you want to improve at a faster rate.

Can I take private lessons?
Anyone can take private lessons, whether you are a couple who dance socially, or if you are competitive, solo lessons are also available at request.

What are medal exams?
Medal exams are awards achieved through an association by demonstrating a standard to the grade you are taking.

When are medal exams?
Medal exams are usually once every six months. You will be advised when the next medal exam is by your teacher. For more details contact 07946 653637 or email info@elitedanceessex.co.uk

What is a medal competition?
A medal competition is where dancers across the country come to together and compete against each other at their respective grades. Qualified judges adjudicate medal competitions. Solo dancers may enter these competitions and dance with their teachers instead of a partner. Couples may also dance in medallist competitions and compete for themselves.

What is an open competition?
An open competition is for couples only, dancing more dances and at a high level.

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