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Training Workshops

Thought the year ELITE Dance put together workshops intended to cover popular and current techniques and figures. By using modern teaching techniques the goal is to enrich pupils with Ballroom and Latin knowledge and skill.



Workshops are broken into 3 sessions consisting of 45 minutes each. Each segment of the workshop is designed to target specific aspects needed to become a more competent dancer, we achieve this by covering many foundations of Ballroom and Latin dancing such as,

  1. Posture
  2. Figures
  3. Footwork
  4. Styling
  5. Connection
  6. Plus More

We understand that everyone learns in different ways, that’s why our workshops are lead by our various teachers at Elite. All our teachers offer a unique approach to every workshop they lead. With their experience you will find that even when learning a single skill, there are many different ways to learn and understand the skill and technique.

Comparing workshops to one-to-one lessons, it is very easy to see what stands out for each. One-to-one lessons offer a much more tailored experience but comes with higher costs, they also come with a much more specific focus towards any aspects that require more attention. Workshops however, are more cost effective and cover a broader insight to Ballroom and Latin dance whilst combining learning with practice.

Attending our workshops throughout the year is essential in a student’s personal development, helping them evolve as dancers and achieve the highest level.

All our workshops are suitable for all ages and abilities, unless otherwise stated.

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Workshop days cost £30 per person. 

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