One-to-One Dance Lessons 

If you want to learn Latin and Ballroom dancing you have come to the right place! 

There's no better way to advance quickly as a Ballroom dancer than to book into some one-to-one training. 

Proven to be a fast and enjoyable way to fast track learning with a beatifully tailored approach to your needs.

Lessons start from just £15

Student Teacher - Our introductory one-to-one lesson’s offer great value and are ideal for anyone looking to either learn how to dance or improve on the basics and foundations.

Student teachers are highly accomplised dancers and are preparing for their dance teacher qualifications. Lessons will be filled with enthusiasm.    

30mins £15

60mins £30

Junior Teacher - Our Junior teachers are highly accomplised dancers and have been preparing for their teaching qualification for over a year.   

Junior teachers are trained to a high technical standard and follow the ethos ELITE Dance aspires to,  giving everyone the best dancing experience.

 30mins £18

60mins £36

Senior Teacher - If you looking for a more comprehensive one-to-one lesson, our Senior teachers are perfect for you. Having an extensive knowledge of Ballroom and Latin dance, coupled with great teaching techniques and experience. Our senior teachers are highly qualified with social, medal and competitive backgrounds giving them the key to helping you achieve higher goals.

30mins £20

60mins £40

Principal Teacher - The highest level one-to-one service we offer. Our Principal teacher offers the pinnacle in ability in both knowledge and teaching techniques. Our Principal teacher has unparalleled understanding and experiences of all abilities and the know-how to improve them to produce the best results and has competed at the highest level. 

30mins £23

60mins £46

What to Expect From 1-2-1 lessons 

Learn to Dance Quickly

Fast-track your way to becoming a better dancer. You will learn at a faster pace than in regular dance classes when taking private lessons. Whether you need to learn steps or technique, private lessons help you focus on your individual needs, making each lesson bespoke to you. During a private lesson, you will receive better and more relevant information that will help you progress at a quicker rate and to a higher standard.


Private lessons offer a great way to tailor your requirements and learn at a pace that suits you. Learn specific skills and techniques which are personal to you. As part of dance classes, we are always able to fulfil your individual needs. Maybe you missed a class and want to catch up on your Samba? Or can't quite master the spin turn in the Waltz? No need to worry, a private session allows you to work on these actions and get you moving with confidence!

If you're an aspiring social dancer who wants to feel really comfortable and confident on the dance floor, we aim to deliver one-to-one training that's great fun and very focused and relaxed.

If you have aspirations for competitions and exams, one-to-one training is vitally important for your development and integral for success.


  • Mastering technique
  • Learn with a dedicated teacher
  • Learn at a faster pace than in classes
  • Work specifically on your needs
  • Specialised training tailored for you
  • Obtain higher level skills
  • Learn training methods
  • Push yourself
  • Learn at your pace

Our teachers are skilled at teaching all levels of dance and love helping our students become passionate and confident dancers. The most important thing is that you feel supported and enjoy the experience.


Private lessons can contribute greatly to goals you would like to achieve, whether it's catching up on a missed class, getting the hang of that one step which never seems to work, building your skills and confidence, or working towards an exam or even competition.


Private lessons are a cost effective way of getting the most out of your dancing, with lessons starting from £15 for 30 minutes.


Please give us as much notice as possible if you need to cancel or change your lesson. Please note we require 24hrs notice for cancellation to avoid charges. See our website for full terms and conditions.

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