Children's Parties "STRICTLY" or "DISCO" Style, Chelmsford Essex

Children's Parties "STRICTLY" Style.



Children's Parties "STRICTLY" or "DISCO" Style

We believe that children’s parties should be fun for everyone – including the grown-ups.

We offer "STRICTLY" or "DISCO" dancing parties.

We have fantastic party hosts and dance teachers who love to provide entertainment and share their passion for dance!

Children will take part in an excellent mix of dance games and learn funky dance routines; within the 2-hour session, we allow time for a party food break. With a mini performance for parents at the end of the party! Alternatively, we can offer a fun disco with less tuition but more freestyle dancing and party games...

Age 6-12 (up to 20 children) 

  1. 2 dance instructors
  2. 1 hr of tuition and games 
  3. Judges’ Masks
  4. Judges’ Paddles 
  5. Feather Boas 
  6. Ballroom, Latin & Disco Playlist 
  7. 2 hrs with a cake break (we do not provide cake) 
  8. Dance Choreography and Demo
  9. Break into groups
  10. Mini performance to finish
  11. Personalised trophy for the birthday girl/boy
  12. Prizes included


Optional Extras 

Additional party assistant £30

Helium Balloons £35 

ELITE dance medals with ribbon £5 each 

Personalised invites £15 

Hall Hire can be arranged but will be an extra cost 

Prices start from £150  

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