Why Take Private Lessons?

Why Take Private Lessons?

Learn Quickly

Fast-track your way to becoming a better dancer. You will learn at a faster pace than in regular dance classes when taking private lessons. Whether you need to learn steps or technique, private lessons help you focus on your individual needs, making each lesson bespoke to you. During a private lesson, you will receive better and more relevant information that will help you progress at a quicker rate and to a higher standard.

A More Tailored Approach

Private lessons offer a great way to tailor your requirements and learn at a pace that suits you. Learn specific skills and techniques which are personal to you. As part of dance classes, we are always able to fulfil your individual needs. Maybe you missed a class and want to catch up on your Samba? Or can't quite master the spin turn in the Waltz? No need to worry, a private session allows you to work on these actions and get you moving with confidence!

What It Can Help With

Private lessons can contribute greatly to goals you would like to achieve, whether it's catching up on a missed class, getting the hang of that one step which never seems to work, building your skills and confidence, or working towards an exam or even competition.

Cost Effective

Private lessons are a cost effective way of getting the most out of your dancing, with lessons starting from £18 for 30 minutes.



Lower Tier

Middle Tier

Top Tier










How Often Should You Have Lessons?

Most people have a minimum of 1hr per week, some people have 2 hours, some have 30 minutes every other week. There is no right and wrong, you can take lessons at a pace that suits you, it is entirely up to the individual. It boils down to how quickly you want to progress. You have a choice of 30min, 60min, 90min or 2hr lessons.

Should I Practise What I Learn in a Lesson?

It's always important to try and practise what you learn in a lesson. Practise is a key component to improving as we learn new skills. It will help familiarise actions in order to give you the ability to take your dancing to the next stage.

You can practise in the comfort of your own home, or you can attend our Friday night practice session which runs for 1hr 30min. The 1st 45mins is Ballroom, where we play tracks to all five Ballroom dances and the 2nd 45mins is Latin tracks.

The great thing about Friday night practice is, you get to dance all 10 dances whereas in a lesson, we usually focus on just 2 dances. Practice night is a good way to keep all your routines fresh in your mind.

I Don't Have a Dance Partner, Does That Matter?

No. You may feel that you need a partner to take to the dance floor but in our dance classes or even in our private lessons, this is not the case. In a private lesson, one of our teachers will dance with you for the duration of the session.

What to Expect

You will be greeted at the start of your session by your dance teacher. They will discuss what you would like to work on and how much you want to achieve by setting goals. Expect a more detailed session based around you. Feel free to let your teacher know exactly what you want to achieve. They will work together with you to reach your targets and get you dancing to your heart's content. Whether you want to dance socially or at a higher level, anyone can benefit from a private lesson.

How to Book

There are many easy ways to book a private lesson. The easiest way is to call us on 01245 708 005. You can also speak to any of our dance teachers and they will happily discuss the available options. For anyone who likes using apps, you can find us on the MINDBODY app and book any available slots with the teacher of your choice.

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