Kyle's Reflective Thoughts on Blackpool

Kyle's Reflective Thoughts on Blackpool

I want to take a moment to share my thoughts on this years Blackpool Grand Finals. It's such a highlight and something we all work so hard towards that it's important to take time and reflect.... how well did we achieve, what improvements did we make, what could we have done better and what are we going to do next year....
....sorry it's a long one!


I would like to thank everyone for all the effort put in all year! There has been a huge improvement from the whole group in better preparation, dancing and supporting each other.

You may or may not know but I was rather unwell at this years Grand Finals. I was worried I would not be able to support and dance well enough for you all. Everybody's positive attitudes and happy approach really did shine through for me and really did give me a needed boost to get through the weekend. Thank you all so much, it means the world to me!

This Years Grand Finals - Kyle’s Thoughts

Another great year full of wonderful dancing! This years Grand Finals looked to be an exciting event for everyone and even more so for ELITE dance. Waking up early each day and getting into motion was hard work but as soon as I arrived and began to see all of the ELITE pupils, I got butterflies and I was raring to go! Seeing everyone dressed in their outfits and with the big improvement to hair and makeup across the board, there wasn't a moment I didn't feel eager to get on the floor! We even had the pleasure of Joanne Blackshaw's dance school sitting with us joining in and adding to the buzz!

The quality of dancing at this years Grand Finals has once again improved making this years event the highest standard I have ever witnessed! I would like to remind you all that, you are dancing at the pinnacle of medalist competitions, no other medalist associations boast the same level of dancers. you must also remember all of the dancers competing have had to make a final at the regional competitions all through the year!

Blackpool 2018 was a big step forward from the previous year and I'm already raring to work hard for 2019, preparation has already began, the goal is to take it to the next level and then some, so be ready to knuckle down and get the best out of yourselves! I will be pushing you, so be ready!

I would like to say a big Thank You to everyone who attended this year, I would also like to thank Joanne Blackshaw's dancers for their company and support, it was a pleasure!


The first round I danced was Saturday in the juvenile under 8's with Lucy Ellis. Like everyone else, Lucy was desperate for good results! From the offset I could sense all the children were up for the challenge of Blackpool.

As the day continued there was definitely a strong change from the usual mindset everyone brings to competitions, this was very apparent as having the luxury of being able to watch our juvenile dancers, thanks to Hannah, I could see how much all the children wanted to do well. Everyone raised their game and danced superbly well, and we even had Zara go all the way and win her Ballroom event!
I was particularly impressed with how the girls were all very keen to stand out from the rest of the crown and as Daniela decided that everyone was going to have makeup, I couldn't help but notice the difference it made. It appears all the dancers at the Grand Finals whether juvenile or junior all apply lots of makeup, so this was a definite requirement.

Both Andreas and Jacob scrubbed up very well! You both looked awesome, don't worry about the make up boys..... that comes later down the line!

Keep up the good work all of you, it won't be long before you all get the results you work hard for!

I am super proud.

Sunday Adults

There was a strong feeling of excitement Sunday morning. Again, once I saw everyone dressed up ready to dance, it hit me!! Everyone was prepared so well this year, your outfits, hair and makeup were above my expectations, I couldn't wait to get started.

Everyone danced their first rounds and I was feeling very confident. As a school we were so much more organised this year, there was only one slight slip up and that was because the competition was running 20 minutes ahead which we couldn't have known!

With the day in full motion we quickly made our way into the second rounds, semi finals and finals. We had some really great results and some results that disappointed people, I however was not disappointed with anyone, getting the result you want is important but it doesn't always show how well you have danced, there are many factors that can influence results and sometimes how you dance doesn't factor in.

It appears that dancing in the correct category at competitions is sometimes overlooked by some of the other dance schools, I understand that this has frustrated people as it is unfair.... I completely agree. However there are still dancers out there including all of the ELITE dancers who do compete at the correct levels. They are also very good dancers so please overlook the people dancing at the wrong levels and push hard with enthusiasm and kick some ****!

I am very proud of all the adults this year! You all did an amazing job, well done!

Special Mentions

In the run up to the event there was a big increase in focus and efforts did go through the roof. There were some outstanding pupils who really raised their game for this years Grand Finals and I would like to give some special mentions.


For raising her game beyond expectations. Well done Lucy, you really did work hard. Lucy dances in one of the hardest categories in juvenile and it really can be tough, however, this did not put Lucy off, she focussed hard and gave it so much! You are a great inspiration!


Well done Jane, all those practice sessions by yourself were hard but they paid off!

Anyone who doesn't have a dance partner should take inspiration from your efforts!


Booking every single free minute of lesson time and pushing herself to the limit in each of them. Well done Rebekah your efforts are admirable, your mentality really stood out to me, your hard work will pay off!


For being a great mum!
I would like to thank Gwen for driving countless hours to get Jessica and Jacob to dance lessons.

You are a super-mum! Well done!


Attending additional dance lessons, practice sessions and our Wednesday evening dance classes, well done both of you for such great commitment, your dedication has helped your dancing improve hugely.


For her superb consistency. Rain or shine Eva has attended every single lessons at the same time week-in week-out. Such great consistency is part of a great recipe. Well done Eva and also well done for spending a fortune on finding the right dance shoes! That really is important!

Daniela - You're a Star

I would like to say a very special thank you to Daniela!

She had hoped to be dancing both Ballroom and Latin at this years event but instead came along supported all the dancers, going the extra mile to organise important aspects of the weekend, helping people with hair and makeup and even recording peoples dances so she could post everyone's fabulous dancing on Facebook!

You really did work hard for everyone over the weekend and we are all very grateful! Thank you!!

Thanks To Our Teachers

I would like to say a big thank you to all our teachers for the hard work and the effort they have put into this year's competition.

The amount of additional commitment you have all put in is hugely appreciated and we would not of had such a great weekend without it!

Not many people get to see how much work takes place to get everything together for the Blackpool weekend..... It really is a lot!

Standout Improvements

There were considerable improvements made over the weekend.
They include;

Dancing - There was an air of determination this year compared to past Grand Finals. Each year the event gets harder and harder and I feel we acknowledged this and raised our game. Blackpool is only going to get harder still so let's keep this momentum going!

Hair and Make-up - In the past we have had difficulty creating the best hair and makeup, however this year every single one of the ELITE girls looked amazing...... oh and Chris Sanders-Bentley, your outfits were immaculate!

Enthusiasm - Spirits were high and determined! The positive energy from the whole group was an absolute pleasure! It felt really good knowing the school had such a good mindset!

Organisation - Arriving on time and being ready at the right time is very important especially as the first round of the adult qualifiers was 20 minutes ahead! We did have slight hiccup but with the event so far ahead of schedule this was forgivable, needless to say, everyone's organisation was excellent.

Moving Forward In 2019

Blackpool 2019 Preparation Starts Now! -Taking a look at how much of an improvement this years event has been, I have taken time to think about how we managed to achieve this and would like to begin to make plans for next years event, you may think its a little too early but good preparation is fundamental to success!

Competition Dates - We currently don't have dates for all of next years events, however the competitions tend to fall on the same weekend each year. I will be sending out an email with all last years dates. Please be sure not to book anything for the week prior or week after these dates. Last year we had people who wanted to dance all competitions but dates weren't released by event organisers in time, I hope that this will help you all plan a busy year of dancing!

Categories - I would like to begin placing people into their categories for next year. If you have completed your time allowance at your grade or would like to move to another please speak to Kyle. The sooner we all know which events we will are dancing in the easier it will be to sort any partnering scenarios. Please note, sometimes partnering is unavoidable but if we know sooner we can begin to make provisions.

Workshops - I would like to know how keen all our competitors are to attend workshops for next year? Last year showed a very poor and disappointing turnout for one reason or another but we are always keen to put events together to help people continue to grow as dancers! However if they are not going to be attended we wont put the effort and time it takes in to organising them. Please fill out the form to let us know your thoughts and what sort of content you would be looking for.

Reflection & Final Thoughts

We know how important it is for each individual to do well at all the competitions so there are a few things I would like to encourage.

Practice - We run a weekly practice session which is there to give you all the opportunity to work on the aspects we cover in our dance lessons. Even though I am more than happy to dance with you in your lessons, it is vital for your improvement to attend these sessions and dance by yourself and with the supervising teacher. We currently don't see enough of our competitive dancers at these sessions, yet, you all want to win. Please consider the practice session as it's invaluable to your development.

Workshops - Our workshops are put together to give you the best chance at preparing for all the competitions throughout the year. A lot of time and effort is put in to offer the best information possible. Your dancing results are really important to you and we feel the same! We didn't see many of our competitions at the workshops last year which is quite disappointing. Support our workshops, they are there to help get the best dancer out of you.

Warming up - Before your first round it is important that you warm you body up in the correct way. Too many people went onto the dance floor without the correct preparation. This makes it extremely difficult to get the best out of yourself, the last thing anyone wants is to walk on the floor feeling unprepared. Warming up should get you breathing heavy and at least sweating, even if it's just a little. It will also focus your mind and give you the edge to perform well! Take time before you compete to go through routines and get your body prepared, it is important.


Ina & Megan

Jessica & Jorja



Zara & Hannah


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