Couples who dance together; last forever

Couples who dance together; last forever

Treat you and your partner to a Valentines dancing gift.

Treat your Valentine to a 5-week dance class, and start an amazing hobby that you can do together. You might be surprised at how much you both love it.

Sharing a common interest is a sign of a good healthy relationship as it helps Cultivate common interests.

Spending quality time together is crucial, being together and doing something that you both enjoy will build a stronger relationship. Being open to learning something new, and share ideas with each other about common activities and interests will keep the fun in the friendship!

It is often easier to communicate side by side when you're doing something than it is to try to communicate face to face.

When we spend more time together with shared, we build up goodwill, which makes it easier to tackle some of the bigger problems in relationships.
Activities build shared memories. You feel more like a team. You start chatting again (and the more you talk about little things, the easier it is to talk about big things!). And you laugh. Whenever you laugh together, walls come down. Tension dissipates. And you feel close. Often those petty things that bug you about each other seem to disappear!

Besides, it's just plain fun to share hobbies as couples:
- It's fun to spend time away from a screen.
- It's fun to build a memory or be productive or experience something new.
- It's fun to learn together!

You don't each have to love it to the same extent. The goal is not the hobby itself. The goal is spending time together and having those opportunities to laugh and chat.

Gift Voucher can be personalised and either sent in the post or as an e-voucher! We can even send them anonymously!

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