7 Reasons Dance Is Amazing For Kids

If you have ever encountered a young dancer then you will know they are polite and confident, well mannered and stand up straight with their shoulders relaxed. Why is this? Well there are many factors that shape young people and dancing can certainly have a very positive impact. Heres 7 reasons why dance is amazing for kids.

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1. Improves physicality

It can be argued that different styles of dance encourage different areas of development in the body but it can’t be argued that any form of dance is great for you. Whilst some dance styles focus more on flexibility and strength, Ballroom and Latin dancing is a very good all rounder which helps develop stamina, agility and flexibility amongst other positives. Dancers are typically slender and process great posture, well-toned nimble and possess the ability to have a charming presence. You also don’t necessarily pay the price for the benefits as most dance styles are gentle on the body. 

2. Stimulates the Mind

For kids dancing can be hard work moving around whilst staying with the music at the best of times, now imagine achieving that with the pressure of complex routines, using the correct technique and understanding where or what you partner is doing. Needed the the ability to be able to think fast and problem solve throughout a dance is no easy task and requires a sharpe mind. According to a study by The Arts in Psychotherapy dancing reduces anxiety, improves mood and also builds confidence.

3. Promotes Discipline

One of the greatest assets a dancer has is discipline, even though most classes are quite gentle in this department the foundation gets laid from the beginning. Children learn that repetition is important when improving dance skills, good time etiquette and  keeping control of emotions, they learn to focus energy and produce results. With discipline and a little time young dancers achieve a great desire to perfect their skills, they learn to focus energy and produce results time after time.

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4. It’s Very Social

Meeting new people who have the same interests is not always easy, however, we have found that children bond very well in dance classes and create friendships rather easily, both boys and girls share the same interest and mingle willingly. This is because dance encourages good quality communication and teamwork, kids learn to accept help each other. We have known friendships develop into longterm relationships that flourish and last.

5. Goal Setting and Targets

Social and fun aspects of dance are quite clear and if you read the previous point 4 then you will understand. Any good dance school will be sure to have children’s best interest at heart and when they see someone with a spark in their eye, creating achievable targets through in-house performances, creating dance partnerships, public performances, medal exams and competitions. Of course, none of these options are compulsory but they do appeal to many and have great benefits. 

6. Competitive

There is also a competitive side to dance which many people don’t know about, hundreds of competitions take place each year and most dance schools you know will have some involvement with many kids taking part for both fun and a desire to achieve. Dancing is unique in that you can be a very successful dancer with never stepping on the competition floor but if testing you skills against other determined dancers is what you are looking for, Ballroom and Latin dancing gives you it.

7. Expression

Learning to understand the characteristics of different styles of dance brings out great expression, as does performing generally speaking. When thinking about Ballroom and Latin dancing, there are 10 dances and each is unique, portraying each dance could mean you need to move at faster/slower tempo’s or set a different mood by being aggressive with facial and body expression. A good use of expression brings out likeable personality and character making performance that much better.

Final Thought

Have you considered dancing? With so many benefits as to why kids gain really valuable skills and behaviour why not find a local dance school and give it a go. Remember there are many different types of dance which bring a different feeling so if your first choice isn’t quite right you can try other styles until you find one that brings out that love for dance.


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