Competitive Training

At Elite Dance, teachers are developing a reputation for training Ballroom medallists and stars of the open circuit. At the recent Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing (ISTD) Grand Finals in Blackpool, 10 of our 11 adult competitors made the top six.

We care about our dancers and are committed to establishing long-term relationships with them so that they can realise their Ballroom dancing aspirations. We've also been professional champions and are passionate about teaching with precision and care so that dancers feel supported and confident when they step out onto the competition or examination dance floor.

Competitive training is usually taken as a one-to-one lesson. Elite can also match you with a suitable dance partner for training.


Exam training is one of the fastest ways of improving your Ballroom dancing. It involves learning set skills that are essential if students wish to move up to competition level. The premier Ballroom dance examinations in the UK are the medal exams run by the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing (ISTD).

The Elite Dance principal and founder, Kyle Fisher, has trained hundreds of solo dancers and couples for medal examinations. He’s an ISTD associate and regularly brings in ISTD examiners for Social Dance Test level, Pre-Bronze, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Gold Star and Awards exams. He’s passionate about improving your dancing and supporting you through the process of training to the highest level.

Training for medal exams will cover:

  • All the figures/steps at the relative levels
  • An understanding of technique at each level
  • Different characteristics of the various dances


A medal competition is where dancers across the country come together and compete against each other at their respective grades. Qualified judges adjudicate medal competitions. Solo dancers may enter these competitions and dance with their teacher instead of a partner. Couples may also dance in medallist competitions and compete for themselves.

Kyle has trained a high number of competition winners and has a great deal of experience in preparing students for medal competitions run by the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing (ISTD).  He regularly takes Elite Dance students to the capital of all dancing, Blackpool, for the Grand Finals and is interested in not only mentoring competition ballroom dancers in skill and technique but also giving them the mental and emotional skills to handle the heat. This supportive approach, commitment to excellence and emphasis on a student’s holistic welfare sets Elite Dance apart as a competition training centre. 

Competition dance preparation will include:

  • An understanding of the steps/figures required at each level
  • Learning technique
  • Understanding the characteristics of each dance

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