One to One Lessons

There's no better way to advance quickly as a Ballroom dancer than to book into some one-to-one training.

If you're an aspiring social dancer who wants to feel really comfortable and confident on the dance floor, we aim to deliver one-to-one training that's great fun and very focused and relaxed.

If you have aspirations for competitions and exams, one-to-one training is vitally important for your development and integral for success.
All one-to-one training complements our classes and students enjoy doing both.

You don't need a partner to have one-to-one training but if you'd like to bring your partner that's great too. Our teachers are skilled at teaching all levels of dance and love helping our students become passionate and confident dancers. The most important thing is that you feel supported and enjoy the experience.

One-to-one training has many advantages including:

  • Mastering technique
  • Learn with a dedicated teacher
  • Learn at a faster pace than in classes
  • Work specifically on your needs
  • Specialised training tailored for you
  • Obtain higher level skills
  • Learn training methods
  • Push yourself
  • Enjoy privacy
  • Learn at your pace

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