Children's Classes

Children's classes are a great way to get your little ones to be active in a fun and friendly environment.

Your children will develop the coordination, strength and flexibility needed as part of growing up. Dance also helps children become more creative with musical expression and, as they grow in their understanding of dance, you will see a positive change in their posture and presence.

ELITE dance goals for children:

◦ To gain life skills
◦ Gain confidence
◦ Become expressive through dance
◦ Improve health and fitness
◦ Understand music
◦ Make new friends
◦ Learn discipline, coordination, strength and confidence
◦ Meet other like-minded children
◦ Have fun!

Classes are particularly good for newcomers to dancing, there are additional helpers who will make you feel very comfortable and welcome from the word go. Children do not need a partner to participate.

If your child shows particular passion for progressing and possibly entering competitions and doing exams, we will make sure we find the right partner for your child to advance their skills.

Start any time and become part of a fun and friendly learning environment. Try our introductory 3-week trial for just £14.

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