Sequence Dance

 Sequence dancing is one of the most popular forms of social dance today! 

There are 3 different branches of sequence dance; 

  • Classical Sequence - The traditional style of Sequence dance 
  • Ballroom Sequence - Influenced by Ballroom technique
  • Latin Sequence - Influenced by Latin American technique

A Sequence dance is broken down into set routines and danced over the course of a piece of music, giving dancers a strong sense of familiarity and consistency. Many figures can be recognised such as the Two Step and the Box Tango. Alongside these benefits sequence dance is also great for developing poise, improving foundations and technique whilst offering a friendly social environment. 

 Stand-out benefits of Sequence dancing. 

  • Posture and Poise
  • Technique
  • Social
  • Consistency
  • Musicality

Sequence lessons start from £20 


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